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Answers to Common Questions

Which areas of Brooklyn do you deliver to?
We currently deliver to Bed-Stuy, Boerum Hill, Bushwick, Crown Heights, Downtown, Dumbo, Greenpoint, Park Slope, Red Hook, Sunset Park and Williamsburg. For list of stores delivering kegs in other parts of NYC, visit Buy Keg (NYC)
What are the keg prices on Brooklyn Kegs?
Cheapest full-size kegs are Bud Light, Miller High Life and Narragansett at $129.99. Prices for craft beer range from $175 to over $500. Complete list of prices is available by clicking the link above.
How many beers do I need?
Each full-size keg holds 165 12oz beer servings. Quarter or pony holds 80 12oz servings, sixtel or sixth holds 55 12oz servings. How many beers to buy depends on various factors. They are listed on the drinks calculator page.
Does Brooklyn Kegs deliver and pick up the empty keg?
We deliver for free in Brooklyn within 2 hours for popular brands, 48 hours for everything else. Date & time of delivery can be added on the checkout page. We pick up empties purchased through us for free. Suitable date for pickup should be communicated to us anytime after the delivery, by emailing or calling us, providing us a reference number associated with the order. We request that keg & tub are emptied out before the time of pickup to expedite the process.
How do I rent a kegerator?
We rent kegerators or beer dispensing units in Manhattan, Brooklyn & Queens. Our standard lease term duration is 12-16 months. We do not rent kegerators for weekend or shorter duration due to logistical issues involved in moving heavy appliances in a large city like NYC, in addition to negative impact of frequent moving on the reliability of the appliances. We offer options that provide the convenience of a kegerator, without the hassle of securing one for very short term needs. Contact us to discuss these options in greater detail.
I need to get CO2 tanks refilled for our kegerators. What are my options?
We refill CO2 tanks for customers and deliver them with any beer purchase. Standard tank sizes are 5 lbs and 20 lbs. 5 lbs tank will last for 5-7 full-size / 14-18 sixtels.
Our building requires a certificate of insurance (COI). Can you provide one?
Yes, we provide COI for all commercial / residential deliveries as required. Email us the insurance requirements obtained from the building's facilities department. We will send you the completed COI within 1 business day.

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